June a month of celebration and tears

June 1st, first day of Pride month for 2021, is a day of celebration and liberation.

“We celebrate how far we have come in ensuring the rights and safety of many who could not claim these basics of life only a few short years ago,” says Labour Council President and OSSTF Member, Kevin Smith.

Smith adds that, “This is a day of liberation as the world works to be liberated from hate. Nelson Mandela expressed the ideal that if we hate we are imprisoned and just as Mandela broke the shackles of hate and left his prison of nearly 30 years, we must abandon hate for love and kindness.”

In this month of celebrating, and recognizing that more work is to be done, Labour Council VP for Grey and CUPE member, Chris Stephen, talks of the tears for the 215 children and those many, many more that never came home or came home to never be the same. “Hate was the foundation of the residential school system and simple words fail in describing the pain and suffering of so many.”

“At the Grey Bruce Labour Council meeting of May 31st, the meeting came to a complete stop as, in this time of COVID, every person present turned their screen black for a time of silence as we remembered the 215 children and all who have victimized by hate,” says Labour Council VP for Bruce and PWU member, Dave Trumble.

“Organized Labour and the Grey Bruce Labour Council stands in solidarity with all who struggle for their place at the table, and we shall not do anything less than celebrate Pride, while answering the call for social justice for one and all and for the end to the hate that deprives people of safety,” says Smith