Keeping employees safe is more important

To the Editor:

Just wanted to tell you about an experience I had on Thursday, December 22nd, just before Christmas.

I had my SUV booked for breaks and an oil change on Friday, December 23rd at Canadian Tire in Port Elgin .. it was about a month’s wait to get in.

I called in the morning (Thursday, Dec. 22nd) to see how long the job would take and was told by the Service desk that they were just in the process of cancelling all work orders/repairs for tomorrow (Fri.) because of the incoming winter storm.

The mechanics both live in Paisley .. and the owners of Canadian Tire in Port Elgin had asked them to stay home to be safe!

Unfortunately, the work on my SUV will have to be put off for another day … but there is no price on someone risking their lives.

Owners of Canadian Tire, the Mowbray family, sure are great employers!

Guy Helwig