Kudos … and Nots! by ‘The Stix Man’

Busy but relaxing time on Labor Day Sunday

In Saugeen Shores

A Great Place to celebrate it.


It is over a week past, but I thought I would talk about this driving/walking mini tour without leaving Saugeen Shores. This was also our wedding anniversary. We got married on the same day as the last street dance held at the Plex parking lot. This event was organized by the Old Sun’s Hockey team. We had a small backyard wedding & reception with family & a few friends. We went by limo to the dance, taking our adult kids with us. During the evening, there were many tributes to us & playing of our wedding song. At the end of the dance, the limo picked us and the kids up. Strauser’s was operating then so the kids got off there. We were more mature and went home. Since then, we have said that we had a small wedding but the biggest dance afterwards that the town had ever seen. We had a great time. Kudos to them for all their work hosting this event.

Also, Kudos to my dear sweet wife for all our good times and wonderful adventures.

Now, on to the tour. It starts by going out to the Club at Westlinks Golf Course. They were hosting an Art Gallery for local artists to display their talents. There were paintings, jewelry, wood items and much more. It was well done. Kudos.

While there, we had breakfast. It was more like brunch time. It was very good and nice to sit there and take in the greenery and color from their vegetarian. Relaxing and enjoyable. Kudos to them.

The next stop was The Patio on Main Street for a coffee. On such a beautiful day, it was a great place to stop and take in the sights going by and soak up some rays. Relaxing. Kudos.

On down the street to The Wismer. Take in all their beautiful flowers. They are beautiful & must take a lot of work. Kudos. On the patio was a nice sounding band. They played a variety of music. Very nice. Relaxing. Maybe, as I mentioned in my last article that when I have my surgery, the doctor will install all those musical chips into me. I’ll be that one man band and be able to play there. I’m sure I’d bring in the crowds. Good place to stay and have supper. From pizza to a variety of choices to fill you up. Having Mac ‘n Cheese is sure not the same as when I was a kid. Kudos to the food & service.

From here, it was down to the PE Main beach. This could be a drive down but a walk could be in order also. If walking down Elgin Street, watch for those falling leaves, that I mentioned last time. At the band shell, it was the last concert of the season. Peter Irwin (Elvis) and fellow musicians including some locals, were the entertainment. Kudos to this happening every Sunday in July and August in both towns. In Southampton, they are held at Fairy Lake.

After the concert and darkness rolling in, it is time for the Labor Day fireworks. A great evening for them. These happen because of the towns in our community and with our good neighbor The First Nations, along with the support of the Chamber of Commerce. The First Nations does the May 24 weekend fireworks with Southampton hosting the July 1st one’s by the flag and Port Elgin wrapping up the season with the Labor Day one’s on the beach. Don’t miss the ones hosted by Bruce Power on their family day celebration. One year in Port Elgin, alternating with Kincardine, the next year. Kudos to all.

Well, what’s next. Off to the Queen’s for the “Lulu’s Roadhouse Band”. They play the music that we have all heard over the decades and gets you stomping away. Always a good time. Kudos to Mike and the guys for their years of entertainment and to the Queens for holding it.

That would do it for the day. Busy but relaxing. Nothing had to be rushed. Those that wanted to go to one of our several churches could have gone a little earlier to Westlinks. This mini tour never left Saugeen Shores and it never even got to Southampton to take in that beautiful town and its happenings. This had several stops over the day and not many people would likely take it all in. We didn’t either but I can see how it could have happened. Plan a day trip but don’t spend a lot of $ on gas and enjoy our Saugeen Shores. Our community has lots to offer. Let’s support it. Kudos to all.

Across from the Wiz is the PE Library. It is 110 years old, 1908. They are looking for pictures or any info from the past. They will scan items at the Library on Sept 19 from 1 – 4. Help them out if you can. Kudos to the volunteers for doing this.

While walking out to the Plex, I noticed that Carson’s Plumbing has got into the “paint the town purple” for Liv-a-Little. They have a purple bow on every odd fence post across the front. Why the odd instead of the EVEN? Kudos

As I walk the community, I’m seeing more and more purple. Keep it up, folks. Kudos

I’ve heard that the Lido Restaurant has sold. Ive heard rumors but not sure of the actual facts. I want to speak of a couple of familiar names tied to the Lido. They were stern Joe & chuckling Elmer. Joe was the order man & more important, the money guy. Elmer did the cooking but if not busy, he would be out of the kitchen for a visit. Elmer would listen to you and nod & chuckle but I’m not sure if he knew what was said in English.

Back then, it was the place to go to. Whether you were having a Chinese combo plate or maybe a cheeseburger and fries with gravy, it was great food and a place to go. How about a Cherry Coke Float. Hmmmm, a lot of memories.

& NOTs 😪

Very little in the NOTs column this time which is good.

On our tour to Westlinks for brunch, I thought that we might have to stop for a snack or to gas up. The course is just outside of town but, with the bridge closed for repair, it is a “bit of” a drive around to it. The good part is that you take in Saugeen Township and can even see the Saugeen river in the distance at one spot. By the time you read this, the last work extension should be over. Opening day, sometime Monday September 10th (didn’t happen). For the smart bottoms (Sandy doesn’t want me using those as—- words), it is this year, 2018.

I’m sure that this had really affected The Club at Westlinks. If not on the course, in the restaurant. Kudos to them for forging on through the closure. I’m sure it will be worth the wait and inconvenience.

With all the power man tools for the work around the house/Lot, that when the grass has been cut & the trimming done, the clippings could be removed from the sidewalk. If it is dry and a little breeze, it is blown away in no time. When it is damp, it clings to the walk and stays there for days, even staining the concrete. This is maybe a pet peeve of mine but I feel that some real nice places get downgraded when I see it.

There is still no litter by the cigarette disposal stand at Port Elgin main beach. Still nothing to dispose of, container empty. Not.

I want to make a comment on our train at the beach. I have not heard or seen any status on this. Not even any rumors. I know that there is a dollar consideration here but maybe our Bruce County Museum and Cultural Center (BCMCC) could take it on and have it moved there. A local attraction could be incorporated around it. Here is an excerpt that my buddy “Google” retrieved:

The train is a 24‐gauge replica of an 1836 American Steam engine and was built locally by H.E. Schlenker & Sons Ltd in 1978. The train originally ran at Old Castle Farm, south of Windsor, Ontario and returned to Port Elgin in 1983.

Mr. Schlenker lived and operated a machine shop in Port Elgin for many years. I know that there are still two sons in town. Kudos for the build of it.

I would like to see it operating at the beach but if this is not going to happen, let’s at least “Save Our Train”. Maybe a SOT group or another organization would take this on. Easy for me to suggest.

I guess I need another Not to me. Last article I spoke that the next article might be O’ Canada but that has not happened. It is on hold for a bit but is a work in progress. As you can see by some of my articles that I get on spontaneous subjects. A lot of it is when I’m walking and something clicks in this little mind of mine. I believe my wife thinks I have too much time on my hands. I get rambling along here and she feels that I jump around somewhat.

Speaking of jumping around. I was listening to a song (while walking) by an American Country artist. He said that he felt the policing should be done in a John Wayne style, a big closed fist. Kudos to our new police chief and his staff for not operating this way and all the extras they do. As a side note, this is the 9th month of 2018 and there are already 75 murders in Toronto. I’m glad I live in Saugeen Shores.

This artist also felt that their White House should be moved to Texas. This way, they could smoke whatever they liked.

OK, maybe I have too much free time.

So until the next time, remember “SISS”

Keep”Smiling In Saugeen Shores”

See you out n’ about and say “Hello”.

“The Stix Man”