Kudos … and Nots! by ‘The Stix Man’

“Oh gosh! No way! Not me! Well, I’d never? Out of the question! Maybe, I have! A while ago! Not often! Occasionally! A few times! Maybe this week! OK, last night! Needed to use it up, couldn’t bring it with me! Not across the border!”

“Well, right now, you can go to secondary and speak with the agents there and inform them of your story. Right over there.” There might be a few conversations like this with people and the border crossing agent. There appears to be a lot of lack of knowledge on the new Cannabis situation. Whether right or wrong, the new freedom is here. Our new council will have some decisions on the Cannabis. One will be about allowing stores to sell it in our community.

Some of my items here will be “old news”. Not “fake news” though. I wanted to write earlier but I had some situations happening with me and appointments. One good thing out of it is that I will be having a complete shoulder replacement in mid-January. Definitely no writing then. I have not been Out ‘n About either. Which I miss. Mother Nature likes to show her power, which makes me want to stay indoors. I’m just a coward.

So some items were written a while ago.

Kudos 👍

My first Kudo goes out to the years of service by our co-mayors, Donna & Mike Smith. I’m sure Mike would tell us that it could not have been done without the support of Donna. Coming from a strong community name, Cobean, she would be wanting to see the success of Mike & the community. She participated in the social & business events that Mike attended. Mike’s dedication to our community comes from his parents, Wray & Nancy.

Wray was Southamptons town clerk-administrator. The mayor & council had their job to do but the town was run by Wray. He was an out’n about guy, also. I first met the whole family when I was in my later teens, a few years ago. They lived in what is called “The Manse”, situated across from the hospital. You know that Mike had younger sisters (wink, wink). The family name has been involved for decades in the evolving of our community. I’m not going into all the things that the family has brought to us. Mike is that knowledgeable, under-control leader that got things done.

👍👍👍Kudos & Thanks to Mike & family

As Remembrance Day on November 11th occurs, we remember all the men & women who sacrificed their lives for us. Look around and see what they have gave to us. The true north, our freedom. Give your thanks.

Kudos to these heroes

Today (Nov 28/18), I attended the funeral of my uncle, Jack Cook at Eagleson Funeral Home. Most might not remember him as for a long time they lived in Paisley and operated the grocery store uptown there. They then moved to Burgoyne for their retirement. When in Southampton, he worked as the butcher at Sid Dunning’s Red & White on the same location as the store is today. One day while working there, his knife slipped and went into his thigh hitting the artery. With Sid’s quick thinking, he removed his belt & put it around Jack’s leg above the injury & cinched it tight. This action saved Jack’s leg & maybe his life, from blood loss. He spent some time in hospital. When able to work again, Sid had replaced him to carry on his business.

Jack & Donna then opened up a butcher store and small grocery store combination down the street in Southampton, until they moved to Paisley. He was always a happy smiling, helping person. He lived by the great black book and he is not suffering any now and is with his savior. In his words “See you later.” Not Goodbye.” He didn’t use those words. He was the last of the five siblings. RIP Uncle Jack.

Big Kudos to him & his family … also to Sid for his lifesaving. RIP

Congratulations to our new council joining with our new mayor, Luke Charbonneau. Best of luck to all and I’m sure you will do a great job for “Our Saugeen Shores.” You will have some tough decisions to make. Damn, they are going to really affect my great-grandkids. Be careful. 😉

& NOTs 😪

Our soon to be, ex-mayor, Mike, thinks he will relax and spend more time with grandkids & Donna. Maybe, even a trip. NOT. I think he will have trouble keeping his hands out of the community goings-on but he will still get to spend time and enjoy those kids. They grow up fast and are gone. I’m sure the etiquette course will be going by then.

Oh yes, Mike, I have an idea for you and the community. Call me. 😎

As Remembrance Day on November 11th occurs, this statement is a continuation from the Kudos. We have a lot of vets from the Afghanistan war that I feel are not being looked after. So much of it is the mental pressure these men and women have endured. There seems to be a lot of suicide involving these vets. As was mentioned on the TV presentation, a Touch Stone might be in order listing the vets that lost their lives.

I try to stay away from the political issues, BUT  our southern friends had Veterans Day on the 11th. Their leader appearing in France at a Remembrance ceremony there, declined to participate because of the rain. None of us like to get wet. I don’t worry about my hair as I don’t have much to get wet. I think he had the option of some pretty big umbrellas, if needed. He golfs so should have one. The vets that fought the wars for us did not just fight on good days.

I feel offended for them. Very disgraceful. NOT

On the same subject, I wish the Christmas advertising would wait until after Remembrance Day. NOT

OMG. Did I feel REAL happy & did it make my day. It was a beautiful shorts & t-shirt weekday in mid September and I was walking downtown PE with my sticks. I got to stop and wait for a couple hours or maybe it was just a couple of minutes before I spoke, “may I PLEASE get through.” Here, it was, happening again, just as I had spoken of in my first article, about the kids that are going to be the future adults and leaders. The group outside one of their local lunchtime hangouts had the sidewalk completely blocked off. No way to get past, unless out to the highway. They did seem offended when I asked to go through. I guess the etiquette course was full.   NOT

A point of interest. Most of us have a favorite cardigan, that maybe we have worn for years. Before I lost weight, it was an effort to reach back & get my hands into the pockets. As time went on, it became easier. Now I’m reaching forward to find the pockets, thank goodness. Who the hell needs weigh scales, use the Pocket Method. If you have to reach back, you are putting on weight. If at a normal spot, you are in a holding pattern. But, I liken that reaching ahead, means losing. 😉

Now, I’m a little confused. I know that is hard to understand happening to me. We have just removed our all-season tires & had the snow tires installed. So, what is the difference between snow and winter tires? This question is easy to answer. The cyber-space, within about 10 minutes, told me that winter tires replaced the old snow tires back when there was a tread change. In the spring, I’ll have to remember to “tell them to take off the winter tires and put on the —uh, uh”. Now, the tires that just came off were all-seasons and need to be replaced. With what? The choices are the new all-season tires which are shown as three-all-season!!! Or, the new all-weather tires. The all-weathers are recommended for most situations except the all-season on wet asphalt is better. I was scared to look at prices as I’m going to purchase something. The all-weather have a stiffer rubber so likely a stiffer price. It also says that you don’t need to put winter tires, that replaced snow tires, on your vehicle now for the winter. What do I do with these winter tires & rims then? I think that is why so many are listed in the Marketplaces. Maybe, just put them on in winter, anyway. Oh damn, I’ll still have to pay for storage and installing them. What a conundrum!!! Is it all to do with tread change or maybe $$$ involved?

💡 We can get a self-drive car and it can make the decisions. That wouldn’t cost much, would it? 👍👎

As I said at the start of this, a lot of this will be old news to you. With a lot of appointments that have happened and many more to come, my shoulder replacement in mid January, Mother Nature not letting me to get Out ‘n About as much, my balance, not feeling the best with chronic pain, & failing eye sight, I did not keep up the pace here. It is going to be a little struggle going forward also.

My writings on my perspectives might be limited for a while. OMG, I must be a mess. Maybe, but I am thankful for all I have with family and friends. I am looking forward to getting some things looked after, hopefully. Then, by spring, this old farm boy will be back outside, putting the steps on, again. Ill try to get a little message out before Christmas and the end of 2018.

Best Wishes to all …

So until the next time, remember “SISS”
Keep”Smiling In Saugeen Shores”
See you out n’ about and say “Hello”.
“The Stix Man” 😎🇨🇦