Kudos … and Nots! by ‘The Stix Man’ – “Dear Santa”

Dear Santa

I hope you, Mrs. Claus & your Elves are doing well. I’m sure you are busy. Checking those lists twice? I also hope your reindeer are getting their carbohydrates so they have energy for their big trip and that Rudolph has been eating his protein so his nose will shine & lead the way. I was listening to Frank Sinatra and he said you were “Coming to Town.” You do remember where I live?

I’ll try to keep this short but you know how I like to ramble on. 😉

Kudos 👍

Santa, thank you for looking after our great community of Saugeen Shores over the past year.

We have a new council in place and they will have a big important job looking after our community. Some big decisions involving such things as new pool, cannabis, recreational facilities, budget, taxes, work forces, housing, infrastructures and much more. I’m sure they will do a great job. You will help guide them, I’m sure.

Please bring our ex-mayor Mike and his wife Donna a special present for all their time and work in our community over the years.

It is great that Bruce Power is still looking at our community for the Innovation Center.

Thanks to our town staff for looking after our community, keeping it safe and clean. It looks great.

Kudos to the high school programs that did the construction projects like the stage cover at Coulter Parkette. Also the flowers and greenhouse programs. Our flowers in our yard looked beautiful all summer long.

Between the kids and our town staff, we had beautiful flowers showing off our towns. I took many pictures of them. 🎥

Congratulations to our outgoing police chief on joining the great retirement group. Welcome to our new chief. I see their new station construction is well on its way. Thanks for keeping us safe. Do you realize that Toronto is up to 93 homicides this year!!! 👮‍️

Kudos to our trail system. I’ve walked a lot of it and have really enjoyed it. It is in great condition for walking with my sticks. It is hard to keep the trails clean but they have done well looking after them. I’m looking forward to getting back out on them when the good weather arrives. 👍

Our path going to North Shore Park is being revamped and repaired in the park. Also work has been done on the boardwalk extensions. Thanks

As I have spoke of several times, it is great how the gem, Fairy Lake looks in beautiful Southampton. My go to place in my head when I’m having a dark bad day. I do Love It. ❤️

Thanks to those that responded to my “Hello’s.” Big Kudos to those that initiated the greeting. 👍

I’m reading that our Chamber is looking at doing some e-media exposure to promote our community. I hope this works out with our town council to give the money to promote it. In past years, I was a director on the Chamber and have seen the work they do. Check out there website saugeenshoreschamber.ca. Kudos.

We have the “SS Trolley ” that joins our towns together with its summer route. “Hatch” has added the website that allows us to see where it is on its route. 👏

As I have mentioned before, there are a lot of other places that would like to see their community have as few vacant stores as we have. Good for us.

Isn’t it great that we have another Canadian living in the space station for 6 months. 👍

Now Santa, this is BRUCE County, even though it does not look that way this week. Dec. 15 and I got out for a walk with the sticks and no winter boots on bare dry sidewalks with my earbuds in, listening to “Baby, it’s cold outside.” Nobody else could hear it. 😉 As I walked by a neighbour’s place, he was starting up his Harley. I watched him for a few minutes and sure enough, he put on his helmet and gloves and went roaring down the street. I continued my walk and stopped at a buddy’s place. We sat outside on his patio chairs and solved some of the world problems. We sat for a good 20 minutes and it was enjoyable. I don’t think this was a dream but maybe climate change. I guess winter is not official until the 21st.

BRUCE County on Dec 15. Hmmmmmmm.😊

These are just a few of the Kudos that I have spoken of here but our community has lots of them to be proud of. Kudos 👍👍👍

& NOT 😪

Santa, our council has set up an online survey so they can have our input on Cannabis sales location in our community but now our provincial government changes the criteria on establishing these facilities. Now they are only allowing 25 locations in Ontario and it will be determined by a lottery draw. Even if it is decided by our council to allow locations in our community, there is very little chance of it happening. This is all to be determined by Jan. 21. Makes it hard to move forward.

NOT to Mr Ford

Our country of Canada has really been in the limelight. We tried to do the right thing in Vancouver by apprehending the Chinese CFO of a major Chinese business, who was wanted by the USA, government and now we are in conflict with China and they have taken two Canadians into custody. I feel this is just retaliation. Our American friends have spoken with China about it but now the thought is that China will feel that we are siding with the USA and this will put us deeper in trouble with China. This will really affect our trade relations with China. Along with our trade relations with the USA and Mr Trump, it is putting a big strain on us.

Help, Santa

Our country is having its own internal problems with provinces fighting against each other with the oil pipeline for an example. Also, they are fighting with our federal government. Today there was 600 trucks going down a Main Street, just to bring attention to the situation. Our own province is not getting along well either with Mr. Trudeau. Where are we going to end up? Doesn’t sound like a happy family.

Help again, Santa

Who the hell would want their jobs❓❓❓  😐  

A little note on the world scene. The rebellions in Paris against their leader is very scary to me. Five weeks of it and 80,000 police with armoured vehicles. These are their neighbours in the same city. Who isn’t listening? It is now happening in our own country, in support of them.

Santa, do you have a magic “Love” wand that you could use on them. Please. 🙏

I guess it has become a pet peeve of mine but I’m mentioning it again. It is about our high school kids and their etiquette, that I come across while walking and they will not give any space on sidewalks. I wish it would improve. I said that I get rambling on.

Santa, here is my wish list.

First, I want to say Thank You for all the Kudos over the past year. Our community is looking great & thriving. Now, the list.

Please help Mr. Justin, Mr Doug, Mr. Luke & their teams as there seems to be lots of turmoil in our country to deal with & it keeps filtering down. .

Visit those that are not as fortunate as us.

When there are objections to something in our community may it be dealt with in an adult civilized manner.

May Saugeen Shores be the lucky recipient of BRUCE Power’s Innovation Center.

Keep Saugeen Times readers and all those in our great community safe & healthy.

Look after my sweet wife, our kids and grandkids and all our friends. Keep them safe and healthy, also.

Bring Love & Peace to all.

I’m hoping my upcoming surgery and new appointments will benefit my situation.

I’m sure you and the dear Lord have a long list of requests but I would appreciate whatever you can do on this list. Thank You.

Safe trip, Santa.

This was supposed to be a short message but again I got rambling on. We have so much to be thankful for in Saugeen Shores. These are only my perspective on things.

In closing, to all those in the Saugeen Times world …