Kudos … and Nots! by ‘The Stix Man’

Say “HELLO” in Port Elgin, Saugeen Shores
Great place to live & smile
Don’t worry Southampton, I know how great it is to live there as I was also there for several years. I plan on coming there again soon. Maybe Sandy could get me a “Press Pass” so I can take the trolley up.  I hear “Kudos & NOTs” are there. Maybe the “Bump Outs”…  Hmmm.
Speaking of the trolley, what a great way to get around our Saugeen Shores. Remember to smile SISS (Smiling in Saugeen Shores). I just learned of the website sstrolley.ca recently, when I stopped into the Port Elgin Information Center. A summer student working there was very helpful. Even as locals, we can use these facilities and learn a lot about what is happening in the area. Kudos, guys.
Back to the trolley website. Besides the general information on it, there is a 2+ minute video and information on time, stops, route and any changes. The most interesting thing that I found, was the tracker app. When you click on it, it shows you the stops and where the trolley is. Have it on your smartphone and you will know how much time you have left for shopping or maybe, beach time. For $2 you can ride it for the whole route or get off and enjoy the stop you picked. It will cost you another $2 when you get back on again. Kudos to this convenient attraction.
You have heard me speak of or maybe you have even seen me, sitting in the white chairs. These are in both communities of Saugeen Shores (blue in Southampton).  I believe that they are purchased by the town and store front businesses. Kudos to them. I like to sit in these chairs with a coffee and a bagel or biscuit. Have you tried an Apple & cheddar biscuit from Smith’s. They are at the Farmers’ Market every Wednesday in the summer at Coulter Parkette in Port Elgin. There is also the Market at the main beach (a stop on the trolley.) I also get my coffee from the Rabbit Dash cart at the Market. I’ve named just a couple of vendors there but come out and visit the large selection there. Kudos to them and the BIA for starting this.
Have you noticed that we do not have many empty stores on our main downtown area? There are a lot of towns that cannot claim the same. What about all the flowers along the Main Street? Very nice. You will hear me speak of smelling the flowers. I believe that they were supplied and planted by our high school kids (another story). Kudos to all involved. (Editor’s note: yes they were)
I sit a lot in the chairs at the corner of Goderich & Gustavus streets. Right behind me is the
little strip plaza. How nice and modern it looks. Ladies, you will like these stores. On Goderich street, is a beautiful new store front. Great look with all its brick work and black steel railings. The old Strauser’s Bar front is changing. It will be nice when it is finished and open. What will it be ??? Well, I spoke with the new owner. The sweet grandma, with her grandkids outfitted with hardhats & tool pouches to do work, informed me that the new place would be called “the PATIO”. It would also have a second sign “Cups and Cones”. This tells us that they will be serving coffee & ice cream. They will also serve light lunches with a British flair. Welcome to Saugeen Shores. Kudos to these places for their modernization and beautification of our town.
Just down Gustavus St., is what I feel is the busiest store in PE, our Salvation Army Store. Kudos to all the people working there, mostly volunteers. Stop in and see all the treasures.
I knew that Casual Corners had quality clothing but, did not know that they had a B & B. There it was at the end of an outside table, a Bowl & Bottle with water for our 4-legged friends. I guess if you really wanted to, you could face plant to the bowl & get a drink. Kudos to them for putting this out or our pets, Thank You.
I see that the Rail Trail committee has just installed another interpretive sign. They are very informative with main facts and pictures on them. I remember, several years ago, that Mike Myatt (employed by our community then), contacted George Plante and myself about doing the first interpretive sign in Saugeen Shores on “Fairy Lake”.  Also referred to as “Little Lake.” A lot of work goes into these signs.   There is the gathering of all the pictures, information and facts that you can on the subject. With all the material, it has to be cut down to a useable amount that will fit on the sign with a good flow. Being the first, there were decisions on size, material, location and mounting.  I’m so glad to see that the decisions were right A prime decision was the pedestal being metal instead of wood which made them stand up better and be more stable. I’ve seen in other communities that economizing and using wood has not endured as well. This project took time and hard work. I know. I watched these guys do that.  Kudos to Mike for getting this started as there are many in our community now. Check out the one at our “Cenotaph”. The area is looking great. Kudos to our Royal Canadian Legion for starting this area. Take time to read these signs and learn about the attractions in our community.
Look Southampton, I got you into some of the Kudos … I have not gotten very far here, but,
Some things have happened to me in the last little while, that I want to share. I’m sure you want to hear about me and not our community!
Earlier in the week, I was at a friends house in the NE quadrant of Port Elgin. I had left and was heading down the street . I was going from the pavement in an intersection onto the sidewalk when my left stick slipped and then grabbed on contacting the curb and throwing my balance off.  I went down “a pedal to the metal on a downhill slide”.  I recovered myself and felt that I had not broken any bones. Luckily none were broken but I had hit hard. I heard flip-flop, flip-flop in rapid repetition. I then saw this gal running towards me. She had seen my nose dive. It was a 10. After a brief discussion, she returned to her house to get me something for my scrapped and bleeding wrist. She returned with wet & dry toweling and a glass of ice water for me. Thoughtful. She informed me if I wanted to go to Fitness Corner, a half block away, I could rest in their air-conditioned building.  She then went there. I do not know her name, whether she worked at Fitness Corner or is a participant there. I returned home. Kudos to this lady. An example of our helpful and kind Canadian and Saugeen Shores persons. Big Kudos to her. Thank you. I’ve called this angel, a gal, a lady. There are also other names that I could have called this woman. What’s correct? Hmmm.
A couple of days later, our grandson was playing a lacrosse game in Owen Sound. We decided to go earlier and look at some things and have supper. We pulled into a parking spot in a lot and my sweet chauffeur was changing her glasses, while I got out to start into a store. When I got to the back of the vehicle, I felt lightheaded and moved closer to it, to get some stability. The next thing I knew, was that I was face-planted on the asphalt, looking at a curb beside my head. When my wife saw that I was down, she came running around to me. At the same time, a gentleman had seen me go down and came running over. Lucky again, no real damage. Another 10 on the judge’s scale. After a few minutes, they helped me stand up. A few minutes later and feeling things were under control, I suddenly passed out again and tried for another face-plant. The two of them eased my fall. Only a 6 this time. This guy stayed around and talked with us. He then aided me to my seat in the vehicle. Again, I do not know this fellow’s name or anything about him. He spent some time with us and was very helpful. Kudos to him. Another good helpful Canadian.
Oh yes, I’ve called him, a gentleman, a guy, a fellow. Also, there are other names for this man. What’s correct? Hmmm. I have been doing this passing out since last year and they have not determined the cause or how to treat it. I was wearing a heart monitor at this time. Maybe, it will show something but big Kudos to the fellow who helped.
I’m not forgetting The BIG KUDOS to my dear wife. She is doing many roles besides being my wife and friend. Some of those roles now and past are, caregiver, nurse, chauffeur, cook, chef, housekeeper, laundry expert, errand runner. Some more fun roles over the years have been, a canoeist, a rafter, a cloud walker, a hot air balloonist and the latest is proof reader. She is a lot more educated than this old farm boy. More on this at another time. Damn (sorry Sandy), there sure are lots of subjects. Thanks, my sweetie.
Boy, I’ve gone a long way from the trolley. I’ll need another $2. What about that “Press” pass, Sandy.
I don’t know if someone from our town employees  read my last NOTs article, but there is now an orange post where the cutoff pipe was at the main beach walkway. Also, there has been a temporary fix to the loose railway boards at the walkway and the tripping hazard at the walk bridge at North Shore Park has been repaired. Thanks, guys. Kudos.
& NOTs 😪
When I first started thinking about the trolley, I had some questions? Schedule? Stops? Months? Length of day? Lunch time? I was trying to figure who I was going to give the NOTs to? Town? Chamber? Council? With the Info Center and Google, the answers are there. More than I was even looking for. The NOTs will have to go to The Stix Man. I should have thought of this sooner. Remember, these aides.
I did have a NOT for the Info Center. The handicap door-open buttons were not working. That’s twice that I was in there and they didn’t work. I can now change this into a Kudos. I was in seeing a friend that I had not seen for years and the buttons were operating. Kudos for this repair.
I’ve been out walking to try and get my balance back, get exercise, put my steps in daily and maybe even loose a pound or two. I’m finding that there are more obstacles out there to use up my energy. As you know, I’m using my sticks. I find vehicles across the sidewalks in driveways. It is not too bad if the doors of these vehicles are aligned with the sidewalk. You go in one door and out the other. When the hood area or back area is over the sidewalk however, it is a bigger hazard. The other evening, I had two occurrences of double driveways. The first had all four doors lined up so, it wasn’t too bad. Just had to watch that doors between vehicles didn’t hit. The second occurrence was tougher. One had the hood over the sidewalk and the second was the butt end. Big workout. A NOT, guys.
I also notice that our lawn-care companies put their little flags on properties when they have done a service to the lot. These get left out longer than necessary. Then, sometimes they just become litter. NOTs, home owners. Pull them out and discard in a few days.  Lawn Care Companies, have you thought of putting a Canadian flag symbol on the flags with Sponsored by YOU. Maybe an idea. Be the first and get a Kudos.
I have eyesight problems. As I am out walking, I’m sure it must have gotten worse. I see these nice lawns with their sprinklers going, different times of day. As I said, my eyesight is bad. I could not see the yellow “Sand Point” sign in any of the windows of the residence. It must have been there?  NOTs
It has been a great summer for beach bums. There is lots to do otherwise in our community and if we ever get some rainy days, use our info centers (one in beautiful Southampton, also) and they can give you ideas and tell you of upcoming events. We have a pretty good list of them. Use the offices, it’s free.
How is the Hello & the SISS going folks. Try doing one the first day and each day, afterwards doubling it each day for a month. Do you know what that adds up to?
The answer is a HELL of a Lot of Hello’s. Sorry Sandy, swearing again. I guess I have an old model of a calculator.
So until the next time, remember “SISS”
Keep”Smiling In Saugeen Shores”
See you out n’ about and say “Hello”
“The Stix Man”