Kudos to Saugeen Shores first responders

To the Editor:

The other night as we were suddenly awoken to find the house across the street in flames, I got the opportunity to observe heroes in action; What an amazing sight.  My job was to keep the ladies, in their house on Bricker Street, safe and protected.  The men and women in control of the danger in front of our house gave me comfort and confidence to know what I needed to do next. They made my job easy. I am grateful.

It is an honour to write this letter to the men and women of our Saugeen Shores emergency response team. The fire fighters, police and ambulance responders’ selfless service was stellar.

As the world is in chaos, there is order.

The orderliness, diligence, perseverance, and courage of these men and women made us feel safe.  We were scared yet never once felt unsafe.

What I hope we can all take away from that night is that you do a good job and the world need more people like you.

You were the light in the darkness.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Jacalene Krall
Port Elgin