Labour Council responds to Anti 2SLGBTQ+ protests at elementary schools

“Be careful who you hate, it may be someone you love”. The recent spate of people hiding hatred behind their espoused faith at elementary schools in Grey and Bruce Counties is unacceptable in every possible way imaginable.

The nature of this hate is an attempt to smother intellectual freedom and exploration. Vague accusations and unsupportable accusations made by protestors and their leadership try and suggest that some books, drag shows, and library sessions featuring drag are harming children. No, the harm is the activities of the so called protesters and their leadership in ramming their beliefs forward and attempting to normalize hate while urging the closure of the very free and thoughtful exchange of ideas that, at any age, provides for lifelong intellectual growth and the realization that it will be more than okay to embrace all people in our society.

The embracing of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility at any age is both personal and societal progress. Books and presentations that speak about the full depth and breadth of our diversity will lead to acceptance now and empathy throughout life. The protestors and their leadership, like many sharing their views, are the offspring of the last few years of religious fundamentalism and its marriage to right wing politics. This poison union has normalized the ever present intolerance in politicians that would have been on the extreme right, but are now viewed as mainstream and the rising tide of those that believe that their faith and the way they view their faith is the only path for all humanity.

The hate is not only repugnant, it is a clear and present attempt, just like the outliers that became the worst purveyors of hate in history, pre-war Germany, to create a society that agrees only with their views. Acceptance of these protestors and their leadership is contrary to all that our society is in its vast a glorious diversity.

The protestors could at least dress like obvious hate groups. At least we could see them and know them for what they really stand for.

No child has been killed or murdered reading a book or attending a drag event, this has been left up to people claiming some sort of religious values and shooting and murdering children.

Steps backwards should not be a risk for our children and grandchildren, yet those that are willingly acting to take us backwards walk amongst us.