Lake Huron Fishing Club continues conservation work

For more than 30 years, the Lake Huron Fishing Club (LHFC) Hatchery in Port Elgin has raised and cared for thousands of Trout and Salmon (fry) and, on Saturday, April 29th (2023), volunteers transported the final 10,000 Rainbow Trout of the 80,000 raised, to the Saugeen River where they will make their way to Lake Huron.

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The hatchery itself is run by two water supplies – the Town Pond, which is the hatchery’s preferred supply because of it’s natural spring water that bubbles up from the bottom.  The other supply is from a well because it is warmer and, therefore, the ratio can be adjusted to give an optimal temperature of 9 to 10 degree water.

The Lake Huron Fishing Club undertakes and supervises a wide variety of Conservation related projects with other local organizations and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF). Thousands of hours of volunteer work are completed each year by Club members who are also involved with erosion control, reforestation, stream improvements and fish restocking.

About LHFC:  The Lake Huron Fishing Club is dedicated to ensuring future generations will have quality fishing opportunities. We operate two fish hatcheries, host the Classic Chantry Salmon Derby, initiate and supervise school hatchery projects, partner with Bruce Power to financially support several conservation projects, provide stream enhancements and environmental improvements, and assist government agencies on assessments.  The work of the LHFC relies on thousands of volunteer hours to operate the Kincardine Hatchery, the Port Elgin Hatchery, the School Hatchery Program, and the Chinook Salmon Derby. For more information, visit: