Learning to cook at a young age

According to Krystyne Mazur, “Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated.”

Learning to cook can also begin at a young age as 12 budding young chefs learned when they signed up for cooking classes recently.

Kidz Cuisine cooking class at Southampton United Church

The ‘Kidz Cuisine’ that was developed, is now going into its sixth successful year at the Southampton Art School in Southampton, Ontario. The classes, run out of Southampton United Church, provide a fun and easy way for kids to learn and apply cooking and healthy lifestyle techniques. The classes also offer an interactive, hands-on approach to healthy cooking. Children learn how to create delicious, healthy meals from real food ingredients. 

                                                          Eating what they prepared is half the fun


Instructor, Krystyne Mazur with two of her longest participating students, Zoe Shave (L) and Spencer Howlett (R)

Mazur also instructs personalized classes for adults that are designed as a one-on-one instructional class either in the client’s own home kitchen or, if preferred, a kitchen off site.  The class is very interactive, with a hands-on approach where the client creates the meal and dessert with Mazur’s guidance and instruction and is customized to the client’s skill level.

For more information, contact krystyne_m@yahoo.com.