Legend of the Phantom Reaper – Cold Case Kids return

Author Doug Archer has returned with the second in his series of the ‘Cold Case Kids’ adventures based on Chantry Island in Southampton.

While Archer says his first two books are for children ages 8 – 13, the audience at his recent reading at Port Elgin Library branch was made up of adults.  As Archer read an excerpt from his recent book, ‘Legend of the Phantom Reaper’, the adult audience hung on every word demonstrating that the book may actually be of interest to not only the young but the young-at-heart.

Archer said that he researched the historical incidents that take place in his books at the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre’s Archives.  “The Archives is a wealth of knowledge,” says Archer.  He also explained his personal process of writing a book that includes an in-depth storyboard and writing three or four hours a day every day.  A former accountant who worked at Bruce Power, Archer maintains that he has always written stories and articles as a freelance writer and credits his sons with the inspiration of the ‘Cold Case Kids’ series.

Archer’s books are available at: www.amazon.ca and www.amazon.com OR archer@bmts.com