Letter to the Editor: A letter to the Conservation Authority – Environmental Impact Study paid for by developer

To the Editor:

The following is a letter sent to the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority (SVCA) regarding a proposed development on Significant Woodlands north of the Saugeen River.

            Hello Brandi,

My name is Ed Braun, and along with my wife Bridget Braun, live at 315 Blanchfield Rd. Southampton.
There is a proposed subdivision running behind my property from Turner to Elm St.  This area is classed primarily as Significant Woodlands so right away that raises alarm bells as to why the County or Town would even consider allowing this area to become developed.  In 2022, we are much smarter than we were even 10 years ago to recognize the harm of clearing out woodlands, and the impact it has on our ecological and environmental systems and as it relates to climate change.  The goal of maintaining trees is more important now than ever, and we rely heavily on agencies such as yours to help us and to help everyone maintain these areas for future generations.
An Environmental Assessment Report has been done for this area, bought and paid for by the owners/developers.  This report minimizes all aspects in order to conclude it is perfectly safe to develop this area.  Since we are not experts in this area, we rely on the Saugeen Conservation Authority to challenge and assess the findings for accuracy, and we ask you apply whatever resources necessary, and time necessary, to get this right to prevent irreversible actions from destroying an area beneficial to humans and animals.
The report minimizes the use of this area by animals and concludes it is not an animal trail.  I disagree as evidenced by deer prints in the snow every morning and the many pictures I have taken.  I have attached a few. It is a common occurrence to see animals in my yard throughout the year. In the springtime, it is a cacophony of frogs making sweet sounds in the evenings. Obviously, Frogs enjoy the wet damp forest conditions.  Will the trees be uprooted and surface materials excavated away, removing the homeland for forest insects and animals currently calling this their home ?
We are concerned about using this area as a target for development, when it could be much more appropriately located to minimize harm with loss of trees and animal habitants.
             Ed and Bridget Braun