Letter to the Editor: Women standing up for women

To the Editor:

Attached is a letter on behalf of CFUW Southport Members regarding the incident that took place on Wednesday, March 6th related to International Women’s Day and the silencing of women in the Ontario Legislature.

In response, the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) Southport and others responded to provincial Premier Doug Ford, asking for a formal apology.






Hon. Doug Ford, Premier,
Government of Ontario Doug.Fordco@pc.ola.org

Dear Premier Ford:

I am writing on behalf of the Canadian Federation of University (CFUW) Southport in Saugeen Shores (Huron-Bruce). CFUW is a non-partisan national organization with 94 clubs, 48 of which are in Ontario. CFUW Southport currently has 104 members; nationally, there are over 6,500. Throughout our 105+ year history, CFUW has endeavoured to improve the status of women through educational and economic equity as well as social justice advocacy. Although nonpartisan, CFUW encourages all women to participate fully in our democracy at all levels of government.

This history is why CFUW Southport Members remain concerned about the incident that occurred on Wednesday, March 6th when Lucille Collard, MPP for Ottawa-Vanier, rose in the Legislature to request that independent women MPPs be given five minutes collectively to respond to the Minister’s statement on International Women’s Day. Perhaps you were not aware of the implications or appearance of the incident that followed as you were otherwise engaged in conversation with your back to the speaker and to Lucille Collard. This video clearly shows what happened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GtNOYbyf14. CFUW Southport Members echo the gasp!

… to read the letter in its entirety, CLICK HERE

Odette Bartnicki, M.A.Ed.
President, CFUW Southport
Dear Mr.  CalandraIt is astonishing and reprehensible that you would not allow a fellow MPP to speak to about international women’s day.People in Ontario and across the country are waiting for your much needed apology and assurances that in future you will treat women with respect.Shame on you and any fellow MPPs who agreed with you.Yours sincerelySylvia Sheard.Southampton Ontario.