Local athletes win two Provincial championships

The Saugeen Track and Field Club won both the Bantam and Youth Championships at the Athletics Ontario Bantam-Midget-Youth Track and Field Championships in Windsor this past weekend. STFC was 5th in the Midget Division. This is an incredible accomplishment as there are over 100 Track and Field clubs across the province, many from much larger cities and communities.

Saugeen athletes won 31 medals at the Championships, 10 gold, 10 silver and 11 bronze.

Highlight performances included Billie Martin’s Gold in the Youth Girls Hammer Throw. Billie’s performance of 55.25m established a new Athletics Ontario Record for both U17 and U18 age classifications. Michelle Van Stuyvenberg, a Bantam athlete competing as a Midget, set a Meet Record for U15 Girls Hammer Throw with a mark of 44.23m. She was cms off the provincial record.

Ryan Jacklin led the medal barrage with Gold performances in the U18 Javelin, Discus and Hammer and a Bronze in Shot Put.

Full results follow:
PB – Personal Best, MR – AO Meet Record, AOR – AO Provincial Record, ACR – STFC Age Class Record
U14 Girls
Michelle Van Stuyvenberg
750g Discus 25.44m Bronze, PB
3k Shot Put 8.50m Bronze
400g Javelin 18.98m Bronze, PB
Grace Wheeler
750g Discus 20.41m 4th
3k Shot Put 7.39m 6th
1200m 4:04.24 11th
2000m 7:16.45 5th, PB
Cecillia Travale
HJ 1.40m Bronze, PB
LJ 3.55m 11th
Brooklyn Quanz
1200m 3:54.54 6th, PB
2000m 7:08.68 4th, PB, ACR
Claire Rands
1200m 3:54.19 5th, PB, ACR
800m 2:26.67 4th
Grace Boyce
1200m 4:08.42 15th, PB
2000m 7:38.56 10th, PB
4 x 800m Relay 10:26.86 Gold, ACR
Quanz, Wheeler, Boyce, Rands
4 x 100m Relay 59.55 Silver
Quanz, Wheeler, Boyce, Rands
U14 Boys
Lucas Jacklin
750g Discus 33.66m Gold, PB
3k Shot Put 9.97m Silver, PB
400g Javelin 41.03 Gold, PB, ACR
Owen Newell
750 Discus 30.68m Silver, PB
400g Javelin 33.87m Silver, PB
James Wheeler
800mRW 5:55.25 Gold, PB, ACR
U16 Girls
Michelle Van Stuyvenberg
3k Hammer 44.23m Silver, PB, MR, ACR
Harley Martin
1k Discus 27.91m Bronze
3k Shot Put 10.39m Bronze
400g Javelin 28.49m Bronze
3k Hammer 27.61 4th
Natalie Brown
100m 13.79s 28th
LJ 4.40m 17th
Naomi Gies
HJ 1.45 6th, PB
LJ 3.95m 24th
Maya Hunter
100m 13.71s 26th, PB
80mH 13.53s 15th, PB
HJ 1.40m 8th, PB
Emily Bryce
2000m 6:27.77 Gold, PB, ACR
Ana Morariu
1200 3:56.20 10th, PB
2000m 7:23.86 11th
U16 Boys
Ben Brewer
4k Shot Put 15.12m Silver, PB
600g Javelin 30.97m 7th
Owen Newell
TJ 9.61m 5th
Mason Arps
100m 11.98 17th, PB
200m 24.51 22nd
300m 39.11 15th
Ryan Caughy
100m 11.77(h)/11.78(f) 13th
200m 24.18 16th
300m 38.03 6th
Aiden Hinsperger
100m 11.73(h)/11.75(f) 12th
200m 23.86 15th
LJ 5.26m 9th
4x100m Relay 46.40s 4th
Arps, Caughy, Renaud, Hinsperger
U18 Girls
Billie Martin
3k Hammer 55.25m Gold, PB, MR, AOR, ACR
3k Shot Put 12.27m 5th
1k Discus 28.28m 7th
Hanna Van Stuyvenberg
1k Discus 34.14m Bronze
3k Hammer 41.01 5th
3k Shot Put 10.87 11th
Naomi Herman
1500m 4:45.87 4th
3000m 10:15.46 Silver Samara Quanz
2000msc 7:17.00 Silver, PB, ACR
3000m 10:24.88 5th
Brooke Jez
2000m SC 8:18.74 Bronze
800m 2:28.42 21st
4 x 800m Relay
Quanz, Morariu, Jez, Bryce 9:49.75 Silver, ACR
U18 Boys
Ryan Jacklin
700g Javelin 53.07m Gold, PB, ACR
1.5k Discus 49.40m Gold
5k Hammer 56.26m Gold
5k Shot Put 15.39m Bronze
Jeremy Elliott
5k Hammer 50.07m Silver
1.5k Discus 46.16m 5th, PB
700g Javelin 45.83m 4th, PB
5k Shot Put 14.79m, 5th
Scott Gilstorf
HJ 1.80m 4th
Caleb Keeling
HJ 1.75m 5th
LJ 5.45m 13th, PB
Sam Myles
HJ 1.90m Gold PB
LJ 5. 81m 9th
TJ 12.19m 9th
Matthew Donnelly
800m 1:58.86 6th
Liam Fitzgerald
1500m 4:19.33 20th
3000m 9:21.95 10th
1600m Sprint Medley Relay 3:44.09 Bronze
Arps, Hinsperg, Caughy, Donnelly
Several STFC athletes have also earned the privilege of representing their club and our community at the upcoming Ontario Summer Games in London and The National Youth Championships in Brandon, Manitoba.