Local Pastor retires after serving more than 49 years

For more than 49 years, Pastor Ron Baker has served in ministry with the Pentecostal Church but, on February 5th (2024) at the Sunday service in Saugeen Shores, he officially announced his retirement.


“It’s not how you begin life but how you end life that matters,” said Pastor Baker. “None of us is self-made and, if it weren’t for my wife, Susan, I would not be here today … we are a team.”



(L) Rev. Pastor David Tapley and wife, Doris, Susan and Pastor Ron Baker, Pastor David Baker and wife, Heather

He also credited Rev. Pastor David Tapley, whom he met more than 60 years ago, when the Pentecostal church came into being on High Street in Southampton next to Eagleson’s furniture.

Tapley said, “We lived upstairs and met Vera and Lou Steinoff, charter members of the church and Ron’s grandparents.  As a teenager, Ron pumped gas at the Esso station and at age 17, he committed himself to the church.”

“We live life by looking forward,” added Pastor Tapley, “but we understand it by looking back.  Ron Baker became a highly respected leader, mentor, teacher and pastor and thousands of lives have been changed through his ministry, and his legacy continues through his son Pastor David and his family.”

Tapley said that no matter how young or how old, everyone has a purpose. “Make the most of every opportunity.  This is a challenging and confusing time for young people but they must take up the torch and continue the race. For those who may think ‘i am too old’, as long as you have a pulse, you have a purpose and it’s never too late to begin again.”

At the retirement service, accolades came in via video from across the country.

Among them was MP (ret’d) Candice Bergen from Manitoba. “I am so grateful for your 49 plus years of service and you had a wonderful impact on my life and the Province of Manitoba.”


Pastor Baker’s brother Ted also spoke saying that, “The choices we make in life influence where we end up and where we are at the end of the day.  My brother’s choice was the most appropriate for him because he dedicated his life to it.”

Pastor Baker’s son, David, has taken up the mantle of the ministry at the church that his father helped to found and build in Saugeen Shores and, in addition, he is the Chaplin for the Saugeen Shores Police Service. Today, he and wife, Heather and their children make up the fourth and fifth generations in Southampton.

Like his father, Pastor David Baker, is also a keen drummer!