Male charged with impaired and assault

On June 30th at 3:15am the Saugeen Shores Police were called to an address in
Southampton concerning a suspected impaired driver. An officer attended the area and
could not locate the vehicle or driver.

Another call was received stating that the vehicle had returned. The officer arrived at the address and identified the suspect who was clearly intoxicated.

The officer attempted to place the male driver under arrest who immediately became
assaultive and resistive. The responding officer called for other units to assist in
arresting the male.

Other officers arrived on scene and assisting in arresting the male. During the course of
the arrest one officer sustained a bite wound to his upper inner arm area that broke the
skin that required medical attention. Another officer received a series of cuts and

The male was transported to the police station where he refused to provide a breath
sample. His vehicle was impounded for seven days and his driver’s licence was
administratively suspended for 90 days.

A 34 year old Walkerton man has been charged with:
1. Impaired Operation of a motor vehicle
2. Refusal to comply with a demand – breath sample
3. Assault with intent to resist arrest
4. Assault with intent to resist arrest

He was released with a court date.