Many visitors attended the Family Day Open House hosted by PRANCE

It was a perfect sunny winter’s day and the parking lot was full as PRANCE hosted its Family Day Open House on February 19th in Saugeen Shores.

Visitors arrived, many for the first time, to take in the Pegasus Riding facility, that ‘nurtures challenged equestrians’, and to explore Mirimachi Farms where PRANCE is located.

Upon arrival, visitors were greeted by Saugeen First Nation’s Rob Price at the sacred fire, and Special Olympian Martin Soder who is soon off to the Special Olympics in Calgary as part of Team Ontario.

   (L) Athlete Martin Soder, Lori Kohl, PRANCE Exec. Director Ann-Marie                   Johnston and Rob Price of SON Р*for larger view, Click on Image

As a not-for-profit, charitable organization, it was also an opportunity for PRANCE to hold a¬† fundraiser for Buck, one of the resident horses, who is having a major tooth problem.¬† Just as in humans, a toothache is nothing to be ignored but, unfortunately, there are few ‘horse’ dentists and one who can help Buck has to travel from Peterborough.¬† One tooth extraction can cost as much as $3,000, but Buck is in pain, his face swollen and it has to be done.

As part of the fundraiser, all activities were by donation.

While enjoying chili, hot chocolate and home-baked sweets, the several activities kept visitors busy.

From a colouring contest for the young set, a 50/50 draw, to learning about the Equine Assisted Wellness program in the PRANCE pavilion, there was something for every age.

Among the activities, one of the highlights was horse rides for the kids ages five and older and, for those who had never before ridden a horse, it was an exciting experience.

For larger view, Click on Image

Mom watched as Nola rode the patient giant, King

PRANCE’s mission statement is, “to enrich hearts and lives by partnering horses and humans” believing that “through the power of horses, life is experienced to the fullest”.

One of the programs that PRANCE has introduced is for Seniors in the community who would like to experience horses in an open and fun way or for those who would like to simply experience the farm.  The program offers the opportunity to learn grooming, take part in leading the horses and experience the relaxation that being around horses provides, while improving health and enjoying those all-important social connections.

Another upcoming program is the Equine Wellness Support Group for caregivers and parents of dependants. It is the chance for both caregivers and dependants to enjoy the farm.¬† Caregivers can take part in the support group Wellness activity in the Pavilion knowing that their dependant is well-cared for and taking part in a separate program in the barn.¬† Beginning March 5th, the program runs over the course of three weeks and, for those families in need, funding may be available thanks to the support of a Bell “let’s talk” grant.

For more information on any of the PRANCE programs or to learn more about the facility, visit or contact