Many ways to meet the challenge – Help Bring TOM to Town

Dear editor,

There is nothing more important to our community then the health and wellbeing of our families, loved ones, friends, neighbors and fellow citizens. Every one of us at different times in our lives is reminded of this. When our health and wellbeing is challenged it always brings us back to what’s most important. We are very fortunate in our community to have dedicated people, volunteer groups, public servants, businesses and people from all walks of life that step-up when the community is need and it’s through these contributions we tackle challenges together.

One such challenge our community faces is ensuring access to high-quality, timely health care, close to home. In October, 2021, just a few months ago, our Hospital Foundation launched one of our largest campaigns ever to secure a $3 Million CT scanner at the Saugeen Memorial Hospital in Southampton through our Bring TOM to Town Campaign (

CT scans are fundamental to modern health care and are used frequently for diagnosis purposes and determine what treatment may be required. They are very often utilized in emergency and challenging situations when minutes count and the timeliness of treatment can greatly impact a patient’s outcome. Currently, local patients who need a CT scan are transferred to the Owen Sound Hospital for their scan before treatment can begin and this is something we can address by bringing a CT scanner to Saugeen Shores. A CT scanner in Saugeen Shores will save lives and lead to better health care across the region.

In just a few short months, thanks to your support we’ve made considerable progress in our goal to raise $3 Million to bring a CT scanner to Saugeen Shores. We are pleased to announce that as we enter the spring of 2022, over $2.3 Million has been secured from hundreds of generous donors contributing what they can, volunteering for the cause and helping us spread the word! A record and historic achievement for the community.

As we know, every day, every hour we don’t have a CT scanner matters. Together, we can make 2022 the year we all made this happen. However, this last stretch will be our most challenging and that’s why at every event, every opportunity we will need to pull together to get this ambitious initiative over the finish line!

James, Aubrey and Jenny Scongack

Everyone can participate in helping us Bring TOM to Town! If you are able to contribute financially, volunteer your time, participate in upcoming community events in support of the CT campaign or help us spread the word; any of these contributions are valued and will be critical to our community achieving this goal in 2022! Please visit to support this crucial community project.

Jenny and James Scongack
Bring TOM to Town Campaign Co-Chairs