Marine Heritage Festival: Cardboard Boat Races a winner

The first ‘in-person’ Marine Heritage Festival in Southampton, following a long hiatus due to COVID-19, is over for another year.

The weekend Festival saw thousands come out in support and to have fun at the many activities that were held for all ages over the three-day event.

From the kick-off at the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre to Saturday’s and Sunday’s events, the Festival was a resounding success.

Marine Heritage Society volunteers were everywhere throughout the entire weekend ensuring that the Festival with its many events ran smoothly.

One of the biggest attractions is always the Cardboard Boat Races where individuals, families and organizations can take their chances in racing in boats made of cardboard.  Some appear to be more ‘engineered’ than others while some do not make it far from shore before becoming water-logged and disintegrating.

For larger view, Click on Image

The fun event draws many hundreds of people who line the shoreline to watch and cheer on the participants in their homemade boats.

Award Winners

    Overall and trophy winner, Grant Smart of                             Martin’s Bike Shop
                                        Willy B3 Winners – Wilken family also had most ever in a boat

According to Captain Wayne Sparrow, plans are already underway for next year’s races with some surprises in store!