Marine Heritage Society appreciates its volunteers

Marine Heritage Society held its annual Volunteer Appreciation BBQ on Friday, August 31st (2018) at the Boathouse in Southampton.

Each year, the group recognizes the volunteers who donate their time at maintaining Chantry Island Keepers’ Quarters and Lighthouse, Pioneer Park at Southampton Harbour, operating boat tours to Chantry Island throughout the summer and hosting the annual Marine Heritage Festival.

Mayor Mike Smith said that the group is the only one that often came to Council saying that it didn’t want any money.  “Anything they did borrow was paid back in record time.”

New Marine Heritage Society Chair, Vicki Tomori said that there have been almost 25,000 visitors to Chantry Island since the organization began running tours.

Mayor Elect, Luke Charbonneau, said that he has a huge mount of respect for the work that the Marine Heritage Society has done around Chantry Island Lighthouse and the Keepers’ Quarters.  “The group has made sure that visitors have an experience to remember.  it is invaluable what you do and we rely on groups like yours to maintain our culture.”

     (L) Volunteer Nancy, new Chair Vicki Tomori,                       volunteers Ali and Betty