Marine Heritage year draws to a close with annual AGM

The Marine Heritage Society (MHS) annual general meeting (AGM) brings to a close each year, the work that the MHS does in maintaining Chantry Island by operating daily tours to the Island and also providing the maintenance of Pioneer Park.

It also gives the volunteers an opportunity to look back over the summer and have a social time until Spring arrives and work begins again.

This year’s event took place at the historic Walker House in Southampton and featured two guest speakers, Rob Campbell and Sandra Howe.

Through a slide presentation, Howe took everyone on an interesting tour of the Imperial lighthouse towers that dot the shores and islands of Lake Huron.


Campbell reminded everyone of the H.M.S. General Hunter shipwreck that lies under the sand of Southampton beach.  With a look back through a slide presentation, his talk reflected on the work that had been done by the many volunteers who worked on the shipwreck under the guidance of Marine Archeologist Ken Cassavoy.  He took the audience back in time to when the General Hunter was discovered in 2001.  The ship was built in Amherstburg in  1806 by William Bell.  The importance of the talk as Campbell pointed out was to ensure that all the MHS volunteers who act as Tour Guides in the summer have the same knowledge of historical facts surrounding the General Hunter.

   Cham-bette Bev Johnston (L) presents the         donation to Vicki Tomori, HMS President

The evening was also topped off with a donation from the Chantry Island Cham-bettes for $1,205.  The funds are a result of the annual ‘sleep-over’ that the Cham-bettes have at Chantry Island. This year, however, due to inclement weather, the group was unable to travel to the Island but still presented their donation to the HMS.