Mayor and Council congratulate Joanne Robbins and Pumpkinfest Committee on awards

“On behalf of Saugeen Shores Town Council, I want to say how immensely proud we are of Joanne Robbins and the entire Pumpkinfest Committee for the three awards – three! — they received at this year’s Festival and Events Ontario Gala.

It is fitting that Festival and Events Ontario (FEO) has recognized Joanne for all her hard work over several decades. Her efforts to build and grow the Town’s marquee event are nothing short of astounding.

Pumpkinfest manages to do many things all at once.  It has grown from what was essentially an agricultural event and has raised its profile to attract people from all over the world.  Not only that, but it has also brought visitors to our community in what is supposed to be the “off season”, allowing our economy to expand even further. Pumpkinfest has become so ingrained in the collective psyche of our community that it is now a major milestone on the calendar: autumn really doesn’t start in Saugeen Shores until Pumpkinfest has come and gone for the year.

Congratulations to the Pumpkinfest Committee for winning FEO’s Innovation Award ($100K-$500K) in partnership with Home Hardware, for being one of the Top 100 Festivals and Events in Ontario (RTO7 Dvision), and especially to Joanne Robbins for her induction into the 2023 FEO Hall of Fame.

We could not be prouder.”

Luke Charbonneau
Mayor, Town of Saugeen Shores