Mediaeval times returned to the Bruce County Museum

A highlight that brought an end to March Break at the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre was the return to Mediaeval times, a time of castles and kingdoms when knights donned sword and helmet and jousted.

It was the Ides of March (15th) and the Museum was filled to capacity to take in the Mediaeval exhibition that included handcrafts from the 17th Century and knights who battled in authentic steel helmets with shields and ‘swords’.

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Today, around the world, there is a renaissance of mediaeval fairs and exhibitions where thousands of people harken back to a lifestyle that would have been experienced in the 11th to 17th centuries.

It was a romanticized time of knights and ladies, a time of revelry and feasting and it was all brought to life at the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre on the Ides of March 2024.