Mill Creek bridge rehabilitation extended

The County of Bruce is completing rehabilitation work on Mill Creek Bridge located on Bruce Road 17 at the east limit of Port Elgin in the Town of Saugeen Shores. This work includes the replacement of the super-structure of the bridge, and the additions of sidewalk and improved lighting.



The Mill Creek Bridge Project was anticipated to be completed in mid-July as previously advised. However, the completion date has now been extended until the end of August.

There are identified causes for the project’s delay. Unforeseen challenges with the construction process, along with water erosion damage by the Mill Creek Bridge have lengthened the time to complete the work. A vehicle collision which occurred off of the construction site resulted in the nearby broken water main.

The County of Bruce is working with the bridge contractor and engineering consultant to discover a solution to expedite the opening of the bridge to better serve local businesses, residents and visitors to the area.