Municipal Record Descriptions now Online

Have you ever wondered what happens to municipal records when they reach a certain date or how to find historical information about your property or business? Look no further as the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre (BCM&CC) retains records from the County of Bruce and the municipalities within the County.

Explore these records online at and in person in the Research Room at the BCM&CC on Victoria St. in Southampton.

The transferring of municipal records to the Archives at the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre for care and storage within the environmentally controlled storage area began in the 1980s, and this practice continues today.

The Archives holds records for the County of Bruce and its municipalities: Arran-Elderslie, Brockton, Huron-Kinloss, Kincardine, Northern Bruce Peninsula, Saugeen Shores, South Bruce, and South Bruce Peninsula, as well as for the former townships, towns and villages which amalgamated to form the present municipalities.

You¬†may wonder what types of records are retained; these records include council and committee¬†minutes, by-laws, and tax rolls to name a few. Archival staff have been working to ensure¬†that these records are described online at The ‚ÄúSearch our¬†Archives‚ÄĚ page on also provides direct links to the descriptions for each¬†municipality.

Many researchers use municipal records in their study of family history, property history, and academic research for educational assignments or post-secondary degree work. Family
history researchers use them to place family members at a certain time, or see what their
interests were if they were on municipal council.

Tax rolls provide information about property assessments and taxes paid, which are sometimes used for capital gains purposes or attempts to date a house.

The uses for records are endless and quite interesting. Preserving the collective history of Bruce County is a big job that is also rewarding, especially when a researcher finds something that links everything together for them.