Municipal water supply is safe with its filtration system secure

Saugeen Shores Council of the Whole is satisfied the municipal water supply is safe and its filtration system secure after a recent report to council.

Municipal staff informed council members that a recent audit found a single case of non-compliance in the system and explained that there are hundreds of monitors in the water filtration system.

  • Each filter has an instrument that measures turbidity – the haziness or cloudiness of the water
  • These instruments transfer information from the filter to the automatic monitoring system

A single measuring instrument was discovered to have failed without setting off any alarms and, upon discovery, staff remedied the issue.  The filter remained intact and continued to  filter the water, while a back-up instrument continued to send data to the system.

“We continue to have an extremely safe drinking water supply in the Town of Saugeen Shores”, says Mayor Luke Charbonneau.  “The system works like it should; we have backups and processes in place to identify if or when things go wrong, so we never have a situation where unsafe water is distributed to the system.”

The Town works with the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) to conduct an annual audit and ongoing monitoring of its drinking water filtration system.