Municipality of Kincardine treasures its murals

                      De Graff at work refreshing the Kincardine Habour mural

Abundant creativity is on display in downtown Kincardine with the refreshing of two murals at 764 Queen Street. Originally created in 2001 by artist Allen C. Hilgendorf, preparatory work by local artist Lambertus De Graaf began earlier this month to revitalize both The Kincardine Harbour and Circa murals.

The Kincardine Harbour depicts a historic scene designed and created using original images captured by historic photographer JH Scougall as reference. Featuring residents, visitors, a merchant schooner, the passenger steamer Ossifrage, and Lake Huron fishing boats at rest, the mural is a nostalgic nod to the community’s nautical heritage.

The Circa mural is a companion piece to The Kincardine Harbour with text reading: “Kincardine Harbour (circa 1900.) Kincardine’s Harbour welcomes ships laden with coal, timber, and supplies. In turn we exported grain, fish, salt, and furniture.”

Hired by the Municipality of Kincardine, De Graaf brings his artistic talents to the restoration process. A friend of the late Hilgendorf, De Graaf previously refreshed both murals in 2009 and 2014.

Refurbishment work continues throughout the month with anticipated completion prior to the June 1st “Always Welcome” event in Victoria Park. A necessary closure of the sidewalk around the work area while the artist works in place, but the public are welcome to come and watch the creativity in action.

The Municipality of Kincardine extends thanks to the building owners, Jenny and Dan Showalter, for their continued support in providing the canvas for these murals which celebrate Kincardine’s history.

To learn more about these murals and other art located in the Municipality of Kincardine, visit the online Kincardine Art Walks Interactive Map and Photo Collection at