National Human Trafficking Awareness Day – February 22, 2023

Today, February 22nd (2023) marks the National Human Trafficking Awareness Day in Canada. Women’s House Serving Bruce and Grey works to raise awareness about the realities of human trafficking throughout the month of February via their social media platforms. Tune in to listen, learn and inquire about more.  

Unlike the misconceptions that media depicts, human trafficking doesn‚Äôt have to involve crossing borders or even physically moving a person. And it‚Äôs not just an ‚Äúelsewhere‚ÄĚ problem, it‚Äôs happening right now in communities across Canada … Grey and Bruce Counties are not exempt.¬†

Human trafficking involves luring, moving, or holding victims to exploit them for profit, usually for sexual reasons or forced labour. The tactics that are utilized to lure survivors, are coercive and play on their needs and wants. The risk of exploitation is not specific to a certain demographic. Needs like housing, connection, resources, success and love are just a few of the natural desires that are far too often opportunities exploited for the traffickers gain.  Traffickers can control and pressure victims by force or through threats, including mental and emotional abuse and manipulation. 

On ‘Human Trafficking Awareness Day’ and every day, Women‚Äôs House Serving Bruce and Grey raises awareness and advocates to better support survivors and prevent future harm. Join together as a community, by becoming informed of what sexual exploitation and human trafficking is, how it happens and most importantly where support is available. ¬†

If you or someone you know is at risk of, or experiencing harm, Women’s House Serving Bruce and Grey is here¬†for you. You are not alone.¬†¬†

Please call the 24-hour Crisis Line 1-800-265-3026
or reach out via text to 226-930-0426.