Negative Narrow-minded Few do not represent community

To the Editor:

The last two weeks have produced strongly positive letters of support for the Nuclear Innovation Institute. These letters come from community-minded people of all ages and from various backgrounds, and commend the incredible benefits of this Innovation Centre. We recognize many of the authors and know of their life-long altruism and commitment in Saugeen Shores. This is the true voice of our community, not the negative, narrow-minded whistle-blowing few.

BNPD and now Bruce Power have supported our communities by generating area businesses, services, sponsoring summertime family events, and contributing to our health care, to name a few, over the decades. This is just the beginning. Bruce Power is a unique, generous corporate citizen and sponsor with an honest commitment to their employees, their families, and the community at large. By attracting branch offices of corporations involved in their refurbishment, Bruce Power is creating a centre of expertise here in Bruce County.

This Institute will be a world leader in new technologies while providing an educational opportunity in these technologies for our young students that is unavailable in most rural settings.  The NII would have also included a 19,000 square foot addition to the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre. Look at General Motors in Oshawa; do you believe this corporation even knows what community concern means? We are so lucky.

We must outnumber and vocally drown out the negative opinions that sought to stop the Innovation Institute.  Their complaints were petty and ill-informed; small design changes can eliminate them. It was their extreme clamorous attitude that caught the community by surprise. (I guess the squeaky wheel, in this case, the whistle blowing, gets the grease?) We who took time to discover the purpose of this project could not envision such a negative response.

We will take the high road and show Bruce Power how much we support the Nuclear Innovation Institute that will continue to make Saugeen Shores one of the best places to live in Canada.

Dr. Robert and Debbie Campbell