Neighbours get together for ‘social distancing conversation’

It was a bright, sunny but cool day on Sunday, March 22nd, as neighbours in Southampton (ON) decided that they would responsibly get together to make sure everyone was ok and to have ‘social distancing conversations’.

   (L) Paul Dost and (R) Al Smiley organized the ‘social distance’ get-together

Everyone on the crescent visited, some forming a circle and others staying on their steps.  However they socialized, it was important to have contact with each other but … at the safe distance rule of at least two metres (six feet).

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Ange Colontino was going through is 10th day of self-quarantine and responsibly wore a face-mask but kept twice the distance from others.  “We left Florida as soon as we heard about this.  We have four days of quarantine left and both my wife, Vicky, and I have had no symptoms and feel fine but we have taken all the precautions.”

According to a recent article, the aerosol effect coming from other people is very important. Measles virus can stay airborne for hours but the impact of aerosal COVID-19 is as yet unknown.

One image to keep in mind is also what smokers emit.  Every particle of the smoke is covered in total or partially with aerosal matter that can be diseased.

For those who do not smoke, particles still flow out from the lung tissue with every breath.  The breath on a winter jog is another example. You can see it.
Distance is vital… along with hand washing.