New Perspectives: January Whispers – by Rev. Heather McCarrel

Photo by Sabestian Beck/Pexels

Have you listened lately?  There is something January whispers.  It is a soft melody left behind after the song birds have flown south and the trees have quietly gone to sleep. It is a gentle refrain leading us deeper into rest.  A song augmented by the softening of daylight and the slowing of the days.

These muted days of January are a gift meant to sooth and calm our eternal souls which are forced, for a while, to reside in a world bent on a feverish pitch of movement, noise and selfish ambition.  January is a soothing balm which can soften a quiet part of our souls that sense the gentle movement of God’s Spirit.  This Spirit is an eternal presence so ancient it is familiar to a sacred part of our being. It calls us to slow down and be at peace.

Listen as January whispers, “Be Still and know that I am.”