New Saugeen Shores Police Chief officially sworn in

Given this time of coronavirus that everyone is living in, it was a different kind of official ‘swearing-in’ for the newly appointed Saugeen Shores Police Chief, but it was still a moving ceremony.

 (L) Saugeen Shores Police Chief Kevin Zettel welcomed by                   Dave Myett, Police Services Board Chair

Police Chief, Kevin Zettel, was unanimously supported in his appointment by the Saugeen Shores Police Services Board and, at the Board meeting on November 18th, he officially took the oath of the office of Chief.

Saugeen Shores Police Services Board, Dave Myette, said that the decision of the Board for Zettel’s appointment had been unanimous.  “We knew that under previous Chiefs, Kevin had developed all the skills and qualities necessary to become Chief.  Now, we are moving into a new era.”


There was a slight hesitation as Chief Zettel picked up the pen, at what appeared to be an emotional moment, when he was to sign the Oath

Saugeen Shores Mayor Luke Charbonneau congratulated the Police Services Board for “… making an excellent choice for our Chief of Police … we are very proud of our local police service … Saugeen Shores Police Service is the right way to police our community.”

Police Chaplain, Pastor David Baker, also delivered a moving address.

Doug Lein (Sr. Constable ret’d) related how, when Chief Zettel first joined Saugeen Shores as a young officer, he was assigned to Lein for training.  “I remember getting this young fresh-faced young officer and he was turned over to me to be his training officer.  I can’t even tell everyone how pleased I am today that this young man is now the Chief.  I was about to send a letter with my personal recommendation to the Police Services Board that Kevin be selected.  I know what a good man he is.”

At the end of the ceremony, the new Chief, Kevin Zettel, had the last word.

       (L) Chaplain David Baker and Doug Lein (Sr.              Constable ret’d)stopped to chat with Board Chair                    Dave Myette (seated)