No need to stop hooking at 90

At 90, Helen Weurth the nonagenarian is as sharp as the scissors that she uses in her rug hooking.

Helen Weurth celebrates her 90th

Weurth celebrated her birthday at the Chantry 55+ Centre on Friday surrounded by her rug-hooking peers.  It was the 28th anniversary for the Rug-Hooking group and Weurth has only missed one in 28 years and that was due to a major surgery.




Part of her collection lined the walls of the Centre and each had a story behind it.  There was the barnyard where her mother and grandmother are depicted along with their horses that reminds Weurth of growing up on a farm near Galt, ON.

(L) Event co-organizer Sybil Mercer, Helen Weurth and co-organizer Vicki                                        Pickup in front of Weurth’s barnyard work

Then, there is the portraiture with Weurth’s own children when they were young.  “My mother used to read the same book, the Little Whale, and I read it to my children and every time we’d get to the part where the whale was caught in a net, the children would cry,” chuckled Weurth.

Included in the work is a photo of Weurth’s mother hanging on the wall.


Weurth did not often use a pattern.  “I would just look at a photograph and create from that, such as the one of the Northern Lights.”

                                               Northern Lights

More than 20 of her works fascinated the other rug-hookers but Weurth says she has many, many more at home.  “I still do it because I enjoy it.  My children and others have some, but I don’t know what’s going to happen to all the rest when I go.”