Northport hosts BWDSB public speaking competition

On March 5th, Northport Elementary School in Port Elgin hosted the annual Bruce County Public Speaking conmpetition for the Bluewater District School Board (BWDSB) Area 3.

Back row: Suzanne Kennedy (Northport Principal), Hiba Rana, Abhi Shankar,   Julia Trelford, Katie Lutz (BWDSB Trustee) Front row: Vedant Sheel, Huxley                                        Ebenstreit, Claire Miller

Student participants came from Northport Elementary, Port Elgin Saugeen Central, St. Joseph’s, and Paisley Central schools.

Winners were:


1st       Vedant Sheel – Cyberbullying

2nd      Claire Miller – Silver Lake Mennonite Camp (en francais)

3rd       Huxley Ebenstreit – The Evolution of Music


1st       Julia Trelford –  England’s Barnardo Children

2nd      Abhi Shankar – Nanotechnology

3rd       Hiba Rana – Which came first – the chicken or the egg?

Bruce County Finals will take place on March 27th in Mildmay.