Northport school takes on the ‘Jump Rope for Heart’ challenge

Northport Elementary school in Port Elgin is one of 4,000 schools across Canada that is taking on the ‘Jump Rope for Heart’ challenge.  The school held its kick-off on Wednesday, April 17th for the big event that will take place on May 13th.


Zain demonstrated his lightning-like                                skipping





Heart and Stroke Foundation has designed the fundraising activity to not only raise funds to to encourage kids to get active, reinforce healthy eating and physical activity, teach the importance of social responsibility, empower kids to make a difference and to boost school spirit.

The kids helping kids aspect raises funds that are used to buy equipment such as life-saving automated external defibrillators and to also fund research that helps children.


The students of Northport simulated skipping in place and then felt their pulse rate to discover how it increased from a ‘resting’ position.  They also learned the              symptoms of a heart attack and stroke and to react quickly by calling 911.

                  Skipping place to increase pulse rate

‘Jump Rope for Heart’ fundraiser will to be held in May gives the students one month to collect pledges and then they set out to jump, skip and have fun while raising funds.

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