NWMO announces Property Value Protection program near South Bruce

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) has developed a program to protect the value of properties near the potential site in South Bruce for Canada’s deep geological repository for used nuclear fuel.

The Property Value Protection (PVP) program reflects a responsible commitment to the community and addresses questions we’ve heard from residents about whether property values will be affected if South Bruce is selected for this project. The program was developed in consultation with the community of South Bruce and works to satisfy one of the guiding principles set out to support local decision making about the project

“In general, property values in South Bruce—and across the region—have appreciated over the years, and we expect adding a multi-billion-dollar environmental infrastructure project to the landscape would continue this trend for years to come,” said Justin Wallbott, NWMO Manager, Real Estate Services. “That said, the Property Value Protection (PVP) program was developed to offer property owners confidence in terms of property value.”

Properties within a five-kilometre radius of the potential site will be eligible for the program if South Bruce is selected as the preferred site for Canada’s deep geological repository. Additional support is incorporated into the first two years of the PVP program for those properties immediately adjacent to NWMO-owned and -optioned properties.

Nuclear facilities have a long history of operating safely near agricultural lands and communities. The NWMO is committed to working with the community and has developed the PVP program – before a site is even selected for the project – to give property owners peace of mind when it comes to property values.

The NWMO will continue to engage with property owners in the vicinity of the potential site to be sure we are capturing their thoughts on this and other topics related to the project.

For updates and more on the PVP program please visit www.nwmo.ca/PVP or contact us via email pvp@nwmo.ca

About the NWMO

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) is a not-for-profit organization implementing Canada’s plan to safely contain and isolate used nuclear fuel inside a deep geological repository in a manner that protects people and the environment for generations to come.

Canada’s plan will only proceed in an area with informed and willing hosts, where the municipality, First Nation and Métis communities, and others in the area are working together to implement it. The NWMO plans to select a site in 2023, and two areas remain in our site selection process: the Ignace area and South Bruce, both in Ontario.