NWMO shares borehole drilling and testing plans

With borehole drilling and testing activities slated to begin in the coming weeks at the potential repository site northwest of Teeswater, Martin Sykes, Senior Geoscientist at the NWMO, provided an update on the NWMO’s borehole drilling and testing activities with members of the South Bruce Community Liaison Committee (CLC).

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Borehole drilling helps us advance understanding of the subsurface geology in the area to assess its suitability for a deep geological repository​ for Canada’s used nuclear fuel.

“These activities will give us a deeper understanding of the rock beneath the surface and build on our existing knowledge about the geology at the potential repository site to help confirm if it’s a safe location for a repository,” said Martin.

Many other countries around the world have come to the conclusion that repositories are the safest and most responsible method of dealing with nuclear fuel.  From Sweden to France, Switzerland to China, countries are now involved in solving the long-term management of used fuel in multiple-barrier systems within deep geologic repositories (DGR).