Obituary: Sienna – August 9, 2022

Readers who are familiar with Saugeen Times know that, when it comes to obituaries, our four-legged friends who devote their lives to others are deserving of tributes.

Also, anyone who has lost a four-legged companion or friend realizes that grief comes in all forms.

The beloved Sienna of PRANCE passed away last evening, August 9th (2022) at the age of 23.5.

At Pegasus Riding Association Nurturing Challenged Equestrians (PRANCE) in Port Elgin, she was the queen of the herd and had been working as a therapeutic riding horse at PRANCE for an incredible 19 years!

A big, beautiful, gentle Canadian/Percheron mix with a heart just as big, she was known for her beautiful red hair and strength of personality.

         (L) Kerstin Essmann, Jessica Jensen                  (riding) and Head Instructor Amy Hodkinson

For many years she has been the PRANCE lift horse who carried riders in wheel chairs and,  in earlier days, she was also the vaulting horse.

In her time at PRANCE, she helped many people and was fortunate to have a long term sponsor and best human friend in Kerstin Essmann.



With her health declining over the summer and a recent injury to her tendon, at her senior age, she was simply worn out.  Sienna passed away peacefully under the bright moon last night surrounded by her friends.