On the road to becoming a cycling destination

There is no doubt that Saugeen Shores, and in particular the town of Southampton, is becoming a cycling destination.

In the space of four days, the following photos were captured that show only a small number of the cyclists who were out and about.

                                                     Grosvenor Street in Southampton

From large groups to families, the streets were busy with bike riders and the bike racks throughout the community were filled to overflowing.

              Huron Street in Southampton
      Grosvenor Street in                              Southampton


     Corner of High Street and Grosvenor                     Street – Thursday, July 19th was                                 congested with cyclists
                Heading along the Rail Trail

At the main intersection of High Street and Grosvenor, I watched as cyclists and motorists appeared to be thoroughly confused as to who had the right of way. With no marked crosswalk and only two stop signs, drivers inched out while cyclists waited and then decided to go.  In the meantime, westbound traffic heading toward the lake didn’t seem know if they had a stop sign or if the cyclists had a crosswalk and then, thrown into the mix were pedestrians slowly strolling across the street bringing everything to a halt! 

If we are truly going to make this a cycling destination, I think we are going to have to seriously make some improvements to our traffic flow to make it safe for all … cyclists, drivers and pedestrians.

Welcome to summer in Southampton!