Once Upon a Time: on the side of historical accuracy

Dear Editor,

Saugeen Times published a column of mine in August,  ‘Once Upon a Time’ – Starvation Stalks Bruce County.

In the article, it stated that according to history, two Southampton brothers ‘David and Jonathan’ drowned aboard the Saucy Jack in the winter while returning to Southampton from Goderich.

Thanks to noted local historian Bill Streeter, he clarified that, in fact, the two brothers who unfortunately drowned were James and Jonathan Martindale. ‘David’ in fact lived on to become the great-grandfather of Bill Streeter, to whom I give thanks for the clarification.

His confirmation included the two tomestones of the Martindale brothers and David Martindale.

The article has also been subsequently corrected and, on the side of historical accuracy, my sincere appreciation for the clarification and correction.

Robin Hilborn, Author