One day to ‘Go’ time for Earl’s Endowment Fund

It’s almost ‘GO’ TIME!

With the $27,000 (!!!!) currently in Earl’s Endowment Fund as motivation, I will be up and at it Saturday, March 20. My day will start at 6AM with 70 lengths of swimming in Port Elgin’s 25m indoor pool. (So thankful it is not a 50m pool!). Then I will head to my basement and join all those on ZWIFT for a 70km virtual ride starting at 9am. PELETON riders will join in shortly after. At 2pm the final leg of my day will start from the NW corner of McGregor Provincial Park. I plan to run along the Lake Huron shoreline for 70 minutes. And after that??? …. you will find me on my couch!!!


So many have shared their plans for fun and fitness on March 20 (and other days in the month), from across Canada and many US states. The SMH Foundation is hoping to collect photos of folks participating, so it has asked you to post these on Facebook or Instagram with the #EarlsEndowmentFund…. from your basement, a pool, a gym or outside… wherever you are.


If you live in Saugeen Shores and would like to ride indoors, Holly and Frank Vanderzwet at Fitness Corner South are offering their cycling studio at the gym to anyone who wants to try out the new fitness bikes. Frank will be leading the ride with the last half of the ZWIFT virtual riding route up on the big screen tv for you and your friends(s). The bikes will be spaced according to current health and safety regulations and will be available from 10:30- noon. If you are interested, please call Fitness Corner at 519-797-3343 and book one of the 10 bikes available. A gym membership is NOT needed but masks are required when you enter the gym.

Everyone is also reminded to feel free to drop in at Martin’s Bike Shop in Southampton on Saturday morning to show your support for Brett and his staff as they take turns riding for Earl. You will be able to see ZWIFT in action!


For those who want to join the FREE DISCORD conversation between 9am and noon, simply download the app, create an account, and access the dedicated server EARL FARRELLENDOWMENTFUND by plugging in the link. . Once in the group chat, click on the 3 horizontal bars in the top left of the screen, then choose ‘voice channel’. You can hop in and out of the conversation whenever you want from wherever you are.


Search ‘Earl’s Country Tunes’ on Spotify or use this link:


Earl and I celebrated his 70th birthday in 2017 by heading west across Canada in Earl’s new truck with our beat-up old camper in tow and Willie Nelson singing “On the Road Again” in the background. It was the trip of a lifetime and we had plans to head east this year to finish our cross Canada journey and celebrate my 70th

So much has happened since then. While I won’t be embarking on a road trip Saturday, nor have Earl at my side, I will carry his memory in my heart.  I will find comfort knowing that Earl is being honoured and celebrated by an incredible community of people … by those in Saugeen Shores ond other communities in Grey Bruce, by our track and field family across Canada, and by friends and family in so many other locations. Every year from now on, patients at Saugeen Memorial Hospital will be reminded of Earl as the SMH Foundation uses the interest from Earl’s Endowment to provide items that will support patient comfort and care at Saugeen Memorial Hospital. What a wonderful legacy you have all helped to build.

Thank you … Geordie Farrell

If you would like to donate to the Earl’s Endowment Fund, but have not yet had the chance, please visit The fund will stay open for donations in perpetuity.


Have a great first day of Spring on March 20th!!