One good ‘deal’ deserves another says reader

To the Editor:
We had a similar experience with Square Deal Neil’s three years ago.
We have a stacked washer and dryer, which we have enclosed in a closet in our kitchen. One day, while in use there was a loud mechanical noise from the dryer and my wife Nancy switched it off immediately.  It was an older unit and we decided to replace them both with a similar arrangement.
After checking the dimensions of the opening, we went to Square Deal Neil’s and purchased a new assembly. Several days later the units were delivered, they disconnected and removed the old units and, in placing the new assembly in place, discovered that the new assembly was several inches deeper and the closet door could not close.
Our options were to change the framing of the closet or returning the new units. Mike [I think that he is family] offered to check the faulty dryer, saying that, if he could still purchase the broken part, he would repair the dryer. A few days later mission was completed successfully, both units are still in use. Our only bill was to cover the repair costs.
Since that occasion, we have purchased a dish washer and a microwave from Square Deal Neil’s. One good deal deserves an equal response.
Allan & Nancy Murray