Opioid damages settlement secured with Purdue Pharma (Canada)

In a recent media release, the Ontario Government said that it, British Columbia, all other provinces and territories and the Federal government reported that they have secured a $150 million settlement with Purdue Pharma (Canada) in a proposed class action. This is the largest settlement of a governmental health claim in Canadian history.

The opioid crisis continues to be devastating for people across the country in terms of lives lost, families torn apart and the impact on the health care frontline staff.

The lawsuit was launched in 2018 on behalf of all provincial, territorial and federal governments to recover government health care and other direct costs incurred due to opioid-related disease, injury or illness.

The claim alleges that opioid manufacturers and distributors engaged in deceptive marketing practices to increase sales which has led to increased addiction and overdoses. Ontario continues to work collaboratively with British Columbia, other provinces and territories and the federal government as part of the ongoing litigation efforts.

The governments are continuing to pursue more than 40 other opioid manufacturers and distributors and their consultants.

As the government continues to build a connected mental health and addictions treatment system, it has committed to invest any award from this litigation directly into frontline mental health and addiction services.

The agreement is subject to final approval by the courts.