Order of Canada recipients come from all walks of life

Today, February 22nd, recipients from across Canada received the Order of Canada from the Governor General.

From doctors, such as the co-founder of Doctors without Borders to professors, engineers to scientists, an astro-physicist to human rights advocate and dean of law, a leader in literature to a movie director, a first woman commercial pilot to a neuro-surgeon, a philanthropist to a children’s artist, composer to musician, recipients were recognized for their contributions as Canadians.

The achievements of these recipients have impacted not only Canada but the world and are simply amazing. Since its creation in 1967, more than 7,000 people from all sectors of Canadian society have been invested into the Order of Canada.

Recipients are nominated from across Canada and must have three supporters of the nomination and provide the candidate’s information, such as birth, citizenship, address,  occupation and accomplishments.

The accomplishments of the recipients are, in fact, astounding and the one thread in common is that they are all engaged in their communities and all give back in meaningful ways sharing their passions and talents.