Out and About – A gem on Lake Huron’s waterfront

One of the gems of the Port Elgin (Saugeen Shores) waterfront is North Shore Park with unparalleled views of Great Lake Huron.

On a warm Spring or Summer day, strolling along the accessible paved multi-use trail that winds along the lakeshore in Saugeen Shores, there are any number of cyclists, walkers, walkers with dogs and joggers who take advantage of the Park’s trail, or who simply stop to sit at one of the memorial benches and enjoy the view.

Following a recent tornado that swept through the park, many of the trees were lost but thanks to ingenuity and imagination, many now have a second life as wildlife carvings.  Dotted here and there, you can spot a beaver, a squirrel, a frog, a goose, rabbit and more to delight visitors of all ages.

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Whiie strolling the pathway, conversations can often take place between strangers.  On Saturday (May 14), one of those conversations was a chance encounter with a gentle giant, Nicki and her owner, Ed Chabrak.

Hard to believe that anyone could inflict abuse on a girl with this face

Nicki is a beautiful Great Dane, known among dogs as the gentle-giant breed.  Nicki appeared to be nervous at first and her owner explained that she was a ‘rescue’ who had been abused. “We’ve had many rescue dogs over the years,” he said. “Nicki was severely abused and we knew that we had to give her a new life.  I think she’s just now realizing that she’s in a loving home.” 


As Chabrak explained, Nicki comes from a rescue organization, Danes in Distress in Orangeville (Ont.), where potential owners and foster homes are carefully vetted before a gentle giant is placed.


It was just one of those chance encounters in North Shore Park on Great Lake Huron.

Strolling further along, you can leave the trail and take in the many boats that are moored in the harbour.  Still along the lake is also a rocky alcove perfect for those four-legged friends that like to take a swim, particularly on a hot day.

(L)Newfoundlander Paisley, puppy Memphis (C) and Holly (R) have just cooled off are about to                                                                          head home

Once the home of the mini North Shore Railway that created legacy memories for generations of local residents and visitors, discussions are now underway for its possible return to the Park.