Outlaw Brew Co. looking to set up a sidewalk patio

At Saugeen Shores Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday, Council approved authorizing an encroachment by the Outlaw Brew Co. of Southampton to create a sidewalk patio on the High Street frontage.

The licensed  patio is expected to extend across the front of the building and will be approximately 1.5 metres wide but still allow for access to the retail store outlet.

A By-law allowing the encroachment on Town public property is expected to be approved at the May 27th Council meeting so that the patio can be underway this summer.

Mayor Luke Charbonneau pointed out that,  “A number of years ago, Saugeen Shores established a policy for managing this type of encroachment on municipal land to enable this very kind of thing to take place. It was the intention of us doing that in order to see more restaurants going ahead with it.”