P.A.R.C. 55+ News: May 16, 2019

The principal news at this time is about Monday afternoon,
May 13th games time held at the Port Elgin Plex.

There were two tables of four playing Cribbage with lots of zest with
these results: Bob Farrel got the low of 23 with Bill Morley the high of 85.  There were no bridge lessons this week because the teachers were not available this week.

There were two tables of four each vying for the top score, which the talented and brilliant  Roma Rolfe achieved this time out with 2550 and her new playing associate Diane Cunliffe came close to overtaking with 2120.  Congratulation folks at some skilled bidding and playing to get your enviable  results.

We surely look forward to your all being at the Rotary Hall int he Plex next Monday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. …. and bring a friend!