P.A.R.C. News – September 11, 2018

Monday’s games time at the Plex was again a fun time for our card players.
The bridge players were all in top form competing vehemently with each other to get the bid and play the hand.  Of course, there often are the same ones who get the bid because they know so well what they are doing.
This surely was true on Monday because a very talented young lady, Carol Walberg, got the bid often with the result that she got the top score of 3900.  However, she was
not to be easily out-done because a brilliant young fellow, Joe Keely, was only 50 points behind her with the score of 3850. Congratulations folks on some fine bidding and playing.
The cribbage players had a wonderful time out playing each other.   A talented young lady who often gets the big low did so again this time.  Germaine Roy got 23 but her equally talented companion, Marie Melanson, had to take the high of  90.
Hope to see you all next Monday in the Rotary Hall of the Port Elgin Plex and … bring a friend.