Paisley Bridge: Alternate Truck Routes temporarily change due to Weight/Load Restrictions

The Easterly Alternate Truck Route (ATR), associated with the Paisley Bridge Construction Project, is changing temporarily due to the half-load restrictions on Bruce Road 40, starting today, Friday, February 17th (2023) at 6:00 PM.

Alternate Truck Routes have been established for the Teeswater River Bridge replacement project, located on Bruce Road 3 in Paisley, Ontario, and signage is in place. Businesses using large trucks for shipments and deliveries are encouraged to make alternative route plans to avoid the in-town detour. View the Alternate Truck Route Map at

Semi-trucks, tractor trailers, and agricultural equipment were previously advised to avoid crossing at the bridge in Paisley during the construction period due to the tight turns of the in-town detour.

Trucks will be rerouted to Bruce Road 17 until the half-load restrictions are lifted. See the Revised Alternate Truck Route Map.