Paramedics Training Team works with Saugeen Shores Fire Department and Marine Heritage Society to develop training video

On July 13, 2022, the Bruce County Paramedic Services Training Team worked with the Saugeen Shores Fire Department and the Marine Heritage Society of Southampton to develop a training video for all paramedics and firefighters on how to respond to incidents and emergencies on Chantry Island.

This popular tourist destination sits just over one mile from Southampton, Ontario, and features an 80 foot high Imperial Lighthouse built in the mid-1800s.


The Training Team captured video footage of the rescue process, including the treatment of a patient on top of the Chantry Island lighthouse and the transporting of a patient out of the lighthouse and back to the harbour.

Bruce County Paramedic Services routinely completes training exercises with local fire departments, but it has been approximately 15 years since a training exercise of this nature occurred at Chantry Island. Because of the remote nature of an emergency call like this, it is difficult to train first responders in-person. The training video being created will allow new and existing paramedics to see and review the response process, prepare for all types of emergencies, and have a better understanding of how to work with the Chantry Island Tour operator and Saugeen Shores Fire Department in these rare emergency situations.

“Bruce County Paramedic Services value all of our allied agencies and turn to and rely on the expertise of our local fire departments when needed. This training exercise video that we have created with Saugeen Shores Fire Department will be valuable for all staff to review. This training tool will prepare staff if they need to go over to the island and extricate a patient from the lighthouse tower,” says Paramedic Services Chief Steve Schaus.

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“Saugeen Shores Fire Department values the relationship it shares with Bruce County Paramedic Services. This valuable exercise allowed our responders to determine rescue best practices in the unlikely event a medical emergency should occur on the island,” adds Saugeen Shores Fire Chief Ed Melanson.

“We at Marine Heritage Society of Southampton were delighted to host and accommodate this training opportunity. We have always worked closely with our local fire department and are delighted to expand our relationship with Bruce County Paramedic Services. This was a great opportunity to build our working relationship and ensure guests and volunteers on the island get the best of care,” says Marine Heritage Society Board Member, John Willets.

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Bruce County Paramedic Services employs a staff of about 100 Full-time and Part-time paramedics that provide pre-hospital care to citizens and visitors of Bruce County. We respond to medical and trauma emergencies with a fleet of 12 ambulances and 3 supervisor units that are stationed in 7 communities across the County but can be deployed anywhere as needed.

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